ben (littleben) wrote,


i had the weirdest dream last night. i was driving a little sports car going 200 miles per hour. emily was sitting on the passengers side and there was my second grade best friend sitting in the back seat. such random people. then all of the sudden i decided to see how far i could get to the edge of this huge cliff while going 200 mph. so i was riding along side it and the car decided to go off the cliff. while in mid air emily took off her seat belt and was like "fuck you". and she jumped out of the car while in mid air. but when the car landed we were fine and emily was just sitting there. everyone was sooo mad at me when i got to school because emily had fallen out and what not. and i just wanted to kill myself i felt so bad. hahahha it was the weirdest dream ever. like seriously i dont even know where it came from. usually dreams come from like something that is conflicting in your life but driving off a cliff with the most random people ISNT one of them. like seriously wtf? maybe it doesnt sound weird but for me it was. hahaha i was so scurd.

so anyways i cant belive i forgot my film at home. im such a dumbass and i hate myself. i was waiting all weekend to make the pictures and I LEft them at home! damnittititititit. and my mom was being mean and wouldnt let me go get them. stupid. i left my house at 7:10 this morning therfor meaning i was super late. but it rained so i had fun driving in the rain blasting music. yay. i dont care what anyone says i love rain. its so inspiring.

last night was the family party. it was ok. i found out that i think my cousin is a gay. like seriously gay. the is so weird. but he is odd enough that it is possible. i mean you do learn at an early stage right? hahhaha but i was so tired yesterday that everything just seemed to drag onnnn soooo long.

or maybe its just because amanda is gone :( :( :( :(
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