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F*ck you managers.

so today was a peace full day..

after school i went to practice on the range and i get a phone call. and its my boss saying that he needs me to work. ANd WHY? Because JOSH honea didnt look at the schedule. LAST TIME I FUCKING checked when you have a job you should probably look when you ARE AND ARNT WORKING. that was probably the worst excuse in the world seeing as how he told me and john glaving that he was starting to work wednesdays! good fucking job dumbass! i sometimes contemplate if he really is christian. like seriously if i was god id be like hell no! get away from me!. he seriously makes everyone feel bad and he disses on everyone. and you know what he HIDES IT UP WITH??? his goody good act that he is a little christian boy with a jock ass dad. aww what a cute couple. like i dont mean to be rude but right about now I WISH HE WOUld get hit by a truck. well maybe not a truck. how bout a semi! hahhahahhahahha the point is hes a bastard and i hate him with a passion.

on a lighter note golf practice is tommorow. i hope that goes well. i cant wait for FRIDAY FUCK FEST!!! yayyyy! i miss FFF soo much. for all of you who dont know what FFF is, it is a group of 4 guys who all have a big orgy in the ocean! im just kidding we just golf and dick around. ahhaha the name friday fuck fest just spices it up a bit and it is on fridays.

so im really really starting to hate work. you know how much i made today that will go into my check? 19.25$!!!!!!!!!! you know how lame that is???? i worked the shittest 4 hours in my entire life and for what? 19.25??? if those managers even tryed to put up with how much shit i had to do today they would have wet their pants and screamed for their mommys. trash was blowing everywhere the wind was so hard you literally couldnt stand up. and WE STILL got out at 8 oclock? and for what? some lousy ass 19.25? i mean money is money but not for what i put up with this night.

im am so severly angry and mad right now.

the only thing keeping me together is Just the thought of what my new photos of oregon will look like. i hope the fire works turned out good...

the voting for photo club officers is tommorow. i hope i get elected.
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