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this is the price you pay for loss of control.

well another boring day of school

my schedule is ok but i am soooo excited to make my negatives when the darkroom gets set up. like seriously i cant wait. my pictures are gonna be pure 0wnage.

so last night was the Ven Caming0 sh0w!. it was sooooo fun. even though you couldnt hear josh at all and you couldnt hear travis's guitar it was good. noah and J were pretty much just rocking out on the V0lume. but all of them fucking rock. maybe they arnt as good as other bands who gives a shit? they got more class. they got more on stage sexyness. like jason jumping off noahs drums and travis's wailing around. and josh just being josh. and noah like rocking so hard but still being able to keep a straight military face. i wish he didnt have to go to the navy. like seriously im gonna miss him. hes really cool. im glad its only 7 months.

so. amanda is going out of town for a week. damnit. that sucks.

i drank soo many root beers last night. and the old cowboys and cowgirls that were noahs relatives i think were making fun of me. even though i showed up everyone at pool. what now biatch!?

ok so im done. and it is friggin hott in sawyers class. god damn.

im running for photo president this year so VOTE FOR ME or else bryan mahak will own. i really want to be president because these younglings need to know whats up. and i want to make goals for photo club. not just be a class. so please vote for me. and it will also look good on my application for colleges! so please! ive already been photo editor for 2 years in journalism and i want to be for photo class too.

ive already made up my mind kinda.... i really want to go to the art college of portland. like seriously i absolutley love that city. but things change. the art institute of pheonix sends me these applications every week. im not even kiding too every week. they must want me or something. well too bad i hate pheonix! whenever i go there i just countdown the seconds till i get out of it. it is so crowded and its gas prices and all prices are RIDiculous!

that is all for now. stephanie call me when you are bowling with the format. bye!
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