ben (littleben) wrote,


so i went to gameworks tonight. it was pretty fun. i forgot that it was fun. i saw miss fernanda and miss aly. im so excited to see their new house. i havnt seen them in awhile. the bands there kinda sucked but oh well. i was trying to hook shannon up with this brace face emo kid but shannon was being to much of a wussy to do anything. what a llama. so boy shopping for her didnt go to well but hopefully it will next time. it was fun though cause ive drank about 9 red bulls tonight. that was the fun part.

so before that i wennt allll the way out to rita ranch skatepark. i brought shawn, nick, and brandon with me. it was pretty fun except for the friggin skooters. i hate skooters.

who tnhinks i should join the golf team? i dont know i dont really want to because i hate josh honea and his gay friends. but i will probably just chill with jason and travis hopefully. maybe tommy. i dont know. i also HATE getting physicals. like seriously i fucking hate it. if they ask me tommorow to drop my pants i am walking out. why am i getting a physical at 8 oclock in the morning? omg.

i really want to get a job at gameworks. because i am starting to HATE my job.
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we will chill, in all of golf's glory. go marana
it was nice seeing you too
yayyy nanders we need to go hang out sometime
I'm starting to hate my job too.
then quit! yay!