ben (littleben) wrote,

another hard day at the office.

so i got up today fearing my day was going to be totally boring. it was ok. i sat around till about 2:30. then i remembered i was supposed to play golf. so i did. it was fun. i just realized that the only fun i have in my life is OUTSIDE of my house. unless amanda comes over. so thats why i like to go out. so we played golf and they got scurd of lightning so we left. but was i smart and left? NO! i still hit some balls on the range. lil b is a dumbass. heh. and so i sat there in the pouring rain for about an hour. man playing golf in the rain is fun. everything in the rain is fun. except playing chess. wait hold up that is fun in the rain. my bad.drying my hair in the rain can be a pain in the ass however. so then i went back home. i had 2 bean borritos. that was ok. then i sat around till about 7 and i went to bedrizzzzle. i played in the tournament. i didnt go very far though. so i had a good time there. *note* shannon if you even try for that pretty boy dumbass im gonna hafta kick your ass.* but anyways. i saw some friends had allot of laughs. spach is stupid. and most of them were high. haha... seriously no one likes me. not even my dog. :(
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