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lets try, this time.

i wish i could just hold you until the sun rises.
i wish.

i miss amazing amanda
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I was reading your away message. Dashboard lyrics.
So quiet
another wasted night,
the television steals the conversation
another wasted breath,
again it goes unnoticed.


Just remember, she'll be back.
yeah i hope soon lol. i love that song dont you?
i love anything by dashboard.
chris carrabba=the hott in person.
sooooooooooooo good live.
i cried.
because i'm a fucking lame emo kid. haha.
hahahha awwhh its ok dont cry! lol
i thought dashboard sucked ass live.
butttah, chris carrabba, mmm. yes.
dashboard is tight. period.
dashboard is terrible live.

he is THE hottness.
I miss Dann-o.
i cant belive you called me my parents got mad because my phone is loud.
I'm sorry. Like..really..really..really sorry. It won't happen again.
I promise.
I'm sorry. still. =/
dude its ok! hahha it just meant i had to go to bed then because they made me. hahha
aw, thats so cute! <3333
hahah i dont think you have ever commented on my journal. thank you.
i think i did once before. who knows. i'll start commenting now.
yayyy i love comments. thank j00! i will comment on yours too