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rain+rocks=pointless trafic

today was so fun. it rained so hard that there were several traffic backups because the road had been occupied by tons of water and rocks.

if you have a small car just get the hell out of the way. dont just sit in the middle of the road waiting to get hit. pull off and let the trucks go through.

they wernt even that bad either i went through each ones and even where the huge old dodge rams were scared to go.

one time by my house, there was a major back up. i thought someone had gotten hurt or a car was stuck. so i got in the wrong lane passed all the cars and went to see for myself.

and do you know what was there? NOTHING. absolutley nOTHING! just running water! so there were people standing around looking at the damn thing.
and i rolled down my window and was like what are you guys waiting for?

and as i predicted he said "i dont know.." you are watching a river run through a fucking road and you are just standing around? run through the bitch! so i did that indeed. and everyone kinda just looked at me as i was blasting my music. it was soo much fun showing up those huge ol trucks. i was like WHAT BIATCH I DONT GIVE A SHIT I WILL DRIVE THROUGH THE OCEAN!. hahah

when i got home i decided to go out again and again and again. i found myself in so many cituations where people were just sitting in their cars waiting for something to happen. WHAT the fuck are you waiting for??? for the wash to run down??? oh ok that wont happen for another 5 hours and that would require the sun to come out and the rain to stop.

if you are gonna go outside your house then you should be able to backtrack morons. oh nooo i have to go to work though WELL THEN GO THROUGH IT.

at times like these im glad i have my truck, tex. we had a great time today.

now for the ranting part 2. WORK.
so let me fill you in on why i had to work instead of golf. mr bill taylor thought it was a good idea for me to come in and wash both the cart barn front(which is huge) and the resturant patio!

when i got to work i look at the sky and there is this BIG HUGE FUCKING RAin cloud. and do you know what he said to me?? he said you should hurry before the rain gets here.

look buddy most rain comes with wind and that combination would completley just cancel out my job you fucking son of a bitch. but NO! he decided that he wanted to waste gallons and gallons of water and 5.15 and hour for me to do absolutley nothing.

after awhile it started pouring and it made me feel so miserable because there i was with a water power washer washing the ground while the same amount of water is coming from THE FUCKING SKY. that made me so humiliated because i looked like a complete idiot.

then after 250 cases of water was carried into the cart barn lightining decided to show up so i didnt get to golf.

i seriously hate work. sometimes i wonder if there is anything inside of them. like they make up shit that makes absolutley NO sense and the next day they will change it back to the way it was. you stupid greedy people want to please people so bad just so you can make money and drive your nice fancy cars and wear your nice outfit. well FUCK YOU!

ON A *BETTER* NOTE i HAVE WORK TOMMOROW!!!!!! if it didnt make people sad i probably would have killed myself by now. hahahha.

amanda is still gone in cali and i miss her oh so much. i never realized how hard it can be not talking for a week. it may sound silly but it is hard. i heart her so much.

tonight was the first time ever that i have tryed lightning shots. they are hard with old cameras.from where i was standing they were going off from all sides so i just had to be fast. it requires much patience, and quik reflexes. now an actual thunder storm may be different. but it was incredible just thinking about it. here i am at the tallest mountain around righht under lightning and im taking pictures. i was soaking wet waiting there for 30 minute periods. when you vizulize it you might comment that i am crazy, or just plain dumb. but i obviously didnt see anything wrong with it. hahah. it was fun to try something new however.

sorry this post is so long but i have had a quite long day. goodbye my friends.

you are the blood in my veins.
you are the smell before RAIN.

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