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we were meant to be

well today was kinda ok.

amanda didnt want to hang out because she didnt feel good and was going to spend the night at beckys. so what do i do? i bring her flowers and a big thing of orange gatorade(she drinks it when shes sick). and we went to ace hardware so she could duplicate a key. but i only got to see her for like 20 min :( :(

i went shopping for school clothes afterwards. it was ok. i got 3 pairs of pants. they all are really dark colors that is sort of unusual for me. they arnt completley black but they are like dark blue. weird. some brown its hard to describe. im happy though. i got about 4 shirts too. one matix, one emerica, one nice long sleeve shirt, and an awesome volcom shirt. so im pretty happy with what i picked. i also bought myself a new "LIL B" hat so im pretty stoked. although it is all funky i hafta wear it in.

im hating work even more than now. i really wish i worked somewhere fun. like gameworks or someplace in the mall or something.
i guess maybe i should call aly to see if i could possibly work there. thatd be cool. then on friday nights i could listen to shitty local bands!!!!!!!! YAY! hahhaha well not all of them are shitty.

im so scurd of school starting. i hope i have some familiar faces in my classes. not some dumbasses. im scared of first hour because a whole bunch of juniors will be in it. im in it because i was taking human anatomy classes my whole high school so i wanted to take chemistry. amanda is in my first hour. that will be fun. but i dont want to look like a junior! i passed all of my classes i swear i didnt fail! if i dont like it i can also simply leave. since i dont really need it. i just want it!

i went to the skatepark tonight. of course i had to be the odd one and wear a stinkin long sleeve shirt. aghhh. oh well it wasnt that hott.

i cant wait to see ven camingo and 5 am together on tuesday. it will be so gnarly.
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