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so this i finally got my schedule.

1st- cp chemistry 1-2 with mr dozier
2nd- us/az govt and politics 1-2 with mr. johnson
3rd- photo 3-4 advanced block with MR SAWYER
4th- photo 3-4 advanced block with MR SAWYER
5th- cp Honers pre calc 1-2 with mr tanburg.
6th- journalism with mrs. zello.

this will be an interesting year. because i have two periods of photo, i couldnt get some honors classes. but photo is more important to me. at first i didnt want to take another year with zello because she bitches too much but the amount of kids that are in journalism is quikly declining. so i decided i would stay. i mean even our editor left. oh well.

does anyone have any classes with me?
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