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so i just saw a special hour on mtv about the uses of aderall on teens. i dont know if i told any of you that i have taken aderall xr for 1 and a half years. it has helped me with my school work allot. but i dont think i have ever considered it to be a danger to my health. it is supposed to decrease eating habits and hunger. and that has been happening. i dont abuse it i take it regularly. but i have lost allot of weight this year. it can cause heart attack and chemical infaltration to some organs that cant handle it that could result in death. i dont fear death so much so i guess it doesnt affect me as much. but its true. teens in 2004 are using aderall as if it were speed because it acts like it. aderall is nothing though. there is nothing in it that you dont already have inside yourself. its just a stimulator. so if you do ever come with that choice wether or not to take it, dont take it for the wrong reason. its just plain fucking stupid. i dont take it in the summers at all because i dont want to get addicted. on the days that i didnt take it during school i could feel myself becoming so tired because i was dependant on it. maybe this year i should try it without aderall. well there is a part of me probably no one knew about me. now goodnight all.

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